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Calling in “The One”


Welcome: I appreciate that you have chosen me as your Calling in “The One” Coach. Please read through the following and sign your acceptance at the end. Please print a copy for yourself before you scan and email it to me at

Nature of Coaching Services: The Calling in “The One” Coaching Program is offered as a powerful tool to support you to have a breakthrough in the area of romantic love. The 7-week program is designed to support you as you move through the Calling in “The One”, 49-day course outlined in the book, Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life written by Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT. The program is highly transformative in nature. Rather than focusing outside yourself, you will be guided to self-reflect in order to understand yourself as the source of your experience in love, to break up the old patterns that have prevented love from taking root in your life, and rigorously take on the cultivation of new ways of relating to yourself and others, as well as, to learn key important new skills and capacities that will enhance your opportunities for finding love.

To do this, you are expected to read one chapter in the Calling in “The One” book each week, actively engage the exercises and practices in the book and then meet with me for a weekly 1-hour coaching session together, via phone or Skype, or in some cases in person. During these sessions, we will integrate and synthesize the learning you are experiencing in order to optimize your ability to cause a profound shift in your love life.

Coaching is not psychotherapy and I am not a licensed psychotherapist.  Rather than being oriented around the past, as psychotherapy is, Calling in “The One” coaching conversations are oriented around the future you are committed to creating for yourself in the area of romantic love and union. Together, we work as partners to discover your specific obstacles to love, identify ways to release them, become clear about the future you are committed to creating, and the new ways of relating to yourself and others that you will need to cultivate in order to do so. 

Coaching does not treat severe emotional distress such as serious depression, anxiety or trauma recovery. If you are experiencing any of these things, I encourage you instead to pursue more traditional treatment routes such as psychotherapy and/or medical treatment. If you are already in treatment for a psychological problem, we ask that you inform your therapist that you are participating in the Calling in “The One” Coaching Program, as it could dramatically alter your current outlook on life.

Length of the Practicum Program: Our first session will commence on September 14, 2018 and should be complete by November of this year. In the case where you are unable for any reason to continue or need to delay our coaching sessions beyond the practicum period, I may need to terminate our work together and choose another practicum client to fulfill on my requirements for training. In the future, however, once I am certified, I would be happy to coach you. At that point, I will be charging a professional fee for those sessions.

Appointment Length and Fees: There are 8 one-hour sessions in total: the Introductory Session, plus the 7 Weeks of the Calling in “The One” program. Should we then decide together that the 7-week Calling in “The One” Coaching Program is right for you after our Introductory meeting, as a coach in training, I will be delighted to invite you to participate as my practicum client.  During my training, in exchange for receiving this 8-session coaching package free of charge, you will be required to engage and complete the process with me within an 8-week period.  At the end of our time together, you will be asked to fill out a brief feedback form on your experience as my coaching client and the value and impact of the program on you. 

Appointment Cancellations: If a session needs to be canceled or re-scheduled, I request 24 hours notice. Please email me at with your 24-hours notice if you need to reschedule a session. After two (2) cancellations, I will need to consider whether I am able to meet my practicum requirements and if not, I may need to discontinue our coaching relationship. If this is the case, we will have a 15-20 minute call to discuss whether or not I can continue to work with you as a practicum client.

Recording Coaching Calls: Your coaching sessions will be recorded and only used for training purposes. They will be deleted once your coach has completed their training and received their certification.

Telephone/Voice Calls: Should you need to speak with me between our sessions, I will do my best to return your call, or arrange to speak with you, within 24 hours. Please note that between-sessions phone calls can be no longer than 15-minutes and are not intended for coaching outside the formal sessions.

Emails: I may not be able to answer coaching questions between our sessions, especially if your question or reflection is something we can engage during our upcoming session. However, if you have a short question about our session and/or you need information or to cancel our session, I will return your email within 24 hours. 

Confidentiality: I honor your right to privacy and confidentiality. This means that with certain exceptions, who you are and the contents of our sessions are private. The exceptions are usually extreme, such as you presenting a danger to yourself or others, where you or others might be being seriously injured or where child or elder abuse is involved.  

In addition to the above exceptions, as I am a coach-in-training, I will need to discuss and provide written reports of the details of my coaching sessions with you as part of routine training meetings with colleagues and/or supervisors. In the latter situation, your name and any details that might identify you will not be used. The emphasis in these exceptions is on my performance as a coach and the coaching experience, not your personal details or circumstances.

Contacting the Training Team:  At all times, the Calling in “The One” Coach Training Team’s primary concern is for your wellbeing. Therefore, if you have questions or concerns about your coaching experience, you may write the Program Director, Leila Reyes ( You may also be contacted by our Lead Supervising Coach, Lina Shanklin (, to follow-up with your concerns.

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