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Conscious Soulful Love

4- Month Program


Welcome: I appreciate that you have chosen me as your Relationship Coach. Please read through the following and sign your acceptance at the end.

Nature of Coaching Services: Conscious Soulful Love is offered as a powerful tool to support you to have a breakthrough in the area of romantic love. The 4-month program is highly transformative in nature. Rather than focusing outside yourself, you will be guided to self-reflect in order to understand yourself as the source of your experience in love, to break up the old patterns that have prevented love from taking root in your life, and rigorously take on the cultivation of new ways of relating to yourself and others, as well as, to learn key important new skills and capacities that will enhance your opportunities for finding love.

To do this, you are expected to meet with me for a (2) 45-minute coaching session each month for 4-months, via Zoom or Skype, or in some cases in person. During these sessions, we will integrate and synthesize the learning you are experiencing in order to optimize your ability to cause a profound shift in your love life.

Coaching is not psychotherapy and I am not a licensed psychotherapist.  Rather than being oriented around the past, as psychotherapy is, Conscious Soulful Love coaching conversations are oriented around the future you are committed to creating for yourself in the area of romantic love and union. Together, we work as partners to discover your specific obstacles to love, identify ways to release them, become clear about the future you are committed to creating, and the new ways of relating to yourself and others that you will need to cultivate in order to do so. 

Coaching does not treat severe emotional distress such as serious depression, anxiety or trauma recovery. If you are experiencing any of these things, I encourage you instead to pursue more traditional treatment routes such as psychotherapy and/or medical treatment. If you are already in treatment for a psychological problem, we ask that you inform your therapist that you are participating in the Conscious Soulful Love Coaching Program, as it could dramatically alter your current outlook on life.

Appointment Length and Fees: There is a (1) 45-minute session for the Signature Welcome Call and (8) 45-minute sessions scattered over 4 months. There are (2) 40-minute Bonus sessions redeemable within 6 months after the completion of the program. You agree to pay the amount of $497/ month for 4 months.

Appointment Cancellations: If a session needs to be canceled or re-scheduled, I request a 24-hour notice. Please cancel/reschedule through the appointment email or email me at with your 24-hours notice. If you need to cancel/ reschedule an appointment 1-2 hours before our session due to an emergency, please email me at If I’m not informed within this timeframe, the session will be forfeited. I understand that there are unforeseen events and circumstances that can cause cancellations, I only ask that you let me know. While sessions rollover the next month if they aren’t used, they will be forfeited if not used within 6 months from the start of the program.

Recording Coaching Calls: Your coaching sessions will be recorded if you request for it.

Emails: This program includes email support and you can email me with a question or any coaching assistance you may need in the weeks where we don’t meet. I will return your email within 24-48 hours.

Confidentiality: I honor your right to privacy and confidentiality. This means that with certain exceptions, who you are and the contents of our sessions are private. The exceptions are usually extreme, such as you presenting a danger to yourself or others, where you or others might be being seriously injured or where child or elder abuse is involved.  

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