My Story

Loving yourself is the first step to freedom. - Sulak Sivaraska

I was married at 36 and divorced at 37.

My marriage lasted for a year and a half. I thought it was going to last forever.

As a child, I fell in love with fairy tales and happily-ever-afters. Growing up, I saw the opposite happened to some of the people I love. Because of this, I grew cynical of marriage, but it never stopped me from falling in love again and again and again.

When I finally came to terms with marriage and found myself in one, I realized that mine was not the healthiest of relationships.

For a year, I allowed myself to be treated like I didn’t matter by the man I thought who loved and respected me. There were days when I questioned my sanity; days when I doubted myself. My self-esteem and confidence plummeted to the ground. What happened to the independent, fiery woman I once knew? She was nowhere to be found.

One day, I finally came to my senses. It was easy to play the part of a victim, but for my life to take a turn for the better, I needed to change the story I was telling myself. So, I packed everything I owned in the small apartment where we used to live, closed the door behind me, and never turned back.  It was one of the most difficult decisions I ever made in my life, but I needed to do it. That day, I could have chosen to stay and continue to endure the heartaches or I could have chosen to live the life that I always wanted.

A life of freedom, love and respect. A life where I'm accepted for who and what I am.

I lived in fear for the most part. Fear of what people might say about me. Fear of breaking the peace. Fear of not being a good wife. Fear of standing up for myself and speaking up.

Until I mustered enough courage and willed myself to no longer be afraid.

I tapped on my inner knowing and took a stand for myself and declared I would no longer allow this to happen. It was as if the universe knew and the shift started to happen. I started off by looking within and realized how much I abandoned myself in search for false love and validation from others.

I looked back on my years of unsuccessful relationships and unpacked them one-by-one. I realized how much I was living my life based on my false beliefs that men don’t choose me, men always leave, and I’m better off alone.

In my search to truly understand myself and remove the inner barriers that are blocking me from love, I stumbled upon Katherine Woodward Thomas through her program, Calling in “The One”. The program helped me release my false beliefs and it paved the way to create deep happiness and wellbeing in love, no matter what my past experiences were. Katherine designed the 7-step process that has worked for thousands of people, especially those who have almost given up in finding love.

From the moment I made a commitment to love myself more, treat myself kindly, and let go of the shame and blame, life mirrored back more love, happiness, and abundance

... and miracles started to happen.

Now, as a certified relationship coach, I make it my mission to help high-performing, single women like you break free from your old stories, radically transform your love life, and help you become unstoppable in love and in life.

Since we’re relational beings, the depth of our relationships contribute to our peace of mind, happiness, and overall well-being. So, having beautiful, conscious relationships with yourself, others and life can bring about deep happiness, real love, and inner peace.

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